A change of pace

There was this giant moth outside our backdoor yesterday afternoon. It’s the size of a bird.

I looked it up and it appears to be a Black Witch Moth…

I’ve never seen such a huge insect before.  Mom thought it was a bird fluttering about until she saw,  nope, it’s a moth.

I was actually supposed to be somewhere else. I never would’ve seen it if I’d not been vomiting yesterday morning.

There apparently very common but I’ve never seen one before.

Today while sitting in my yard,  I saw 1, then 2, then so many caterpillars. These yellow green ones,  then tiny green ones which were more difficult to spot.

My phone overheated outside, so I got my digital camera.

Then I saw it, the biggest Caterpillar ever! As big as my finger.

They are White Lined Sphinx moth larvae. I had my cat outside with me on a leash (she wasn’t cooperating). I forgot about her as I became obsessed with the bugs. Don’t worry, she was fine eating grass, as well as staring at the street and birds. I saw a small brown spider as well.

It reminded me why I loved yard work. No, really. When my back wasn’t a mess I loved digging, chopping, pulling, I’d Get scratched up and covered with dirt. Great times.

I like nature. Earlier I felt the sun on top of my feet, it was amazing. That’s why I wanted to go outside when I returned home.

Life was perfect in that moment. Insects. Weeds. Sunlight. Cat. Grass. Maybe bring a few inside for a little while. It felt like I was a little kid and all I could think was: I can’t wait to show my mom this giant caterpillar!

The exterior is supposedly 33 but on the inside I have not aged past 5.

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