A MaskšŸ˜·

You see this visage of happiness

you will try to take it away

I began to wear a scowl

A frown

A glower

So the world initiates taunts

Formulating cheesy grins in the hallways

I hide behind this Blank Stare

this blank glare you all presume is that sadness you desired to see me in

You just try to make me sadder

thinking you already accomplished this

My Euphoria is at home

With beings I keep safe from you

Love from my family that you don’t receive

Talents I don’t share in public

The endless laughs

I go to sleep warm with a smile

I wake up

And place the frown back on

You cannot steal what isn’t visible

I don’t feel sorry for you

I don’t feel sorry for me

I know I possess more than you ever will

because I don’t poach the benevolence of the world to corrupt it

(This looks blue in real life)

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